School Improvement

Looking for another view on your school? Have results stagnated while workload (including yours) continues to build? Do you need someone to come in, take a step back and see the big picture? Are there some issues which never quite go away no matter how many resources you throw at them?

I am able to absorb a lot of information very quickly and find a way forward. My career has been spent taking on significant challenges in difficult situations and quickly generating momentum, partly because my analytical and strategic skills are strong. If you want someone to come in for a block of time, or an ongoing relationship, I can point you in the right direction. This can include leading a school review or working with departments and other teams.

Delivering a project or initiative

Too many priorities all at once but they all have to be done? Colleagues who need to be brought on board but your priorities have to be elsewhere? Departments you want to review but the resources are not there internally to do it properly? Has the policy or process turned out not to be as clear or ‘bullet proof’ as you thought it was?

I am good at developing a vision, showing the bigger picture and doing so in a way that motivates others and gains their commitment. I am also proficient in planning and implementing change, achieving a ‘soft landing’ for something that had the potential to create a problem and writing the documentation and materials which make it easy to reinforce further down the line.

Delivering training/professional development

Do the staff need someone different to provide a fresh perspective? Looking for someone who can hold an audience and keep a crowd going (even in the final session of the day)? Need a facilitator who can not just deliver but then work with colleagues over time to make sure you achieve the impact you are looking for?

I have always led from the front, and that has meant presenting on new initiatives and leading whole school training. My presentation and public speaking skills are strong, and my preparation for such occasions very thorough. If you want someone who can take an audience with them and leave your staff enthused and inspired so they go on to deliver in the classroom or in their post of responsibility, then I can deliver for you. I have more experience in delivering on  topics such as the curriculum, leadership and management, teaching and learning, curriculum or pastoral systems than most.

Coaching and supporting individuals

Do you work with people who have all the potential but need an extra level of support? Do you need someone who has ‘been there’ and understands the intense pace and pressures of modern school life?

As someone who was very young to both senior leadership and headship I am very keen to contribute to those who are in the same position. It might be through a single session or a sustained number of sessions over a period of time with communications in between. I also act as the independent advisor for headteacher performance management in both primary and secondary schools.


Angela Tempany

Alex took on the role of interim Head of School following a period of challenge. With resilience and insight, he made a rapid and significant impact on staff confidence and the behaviour of pupils. The school’s results this year are a testimony to his ability to raise achievement for all. Alex demonstrated his ability to work in a new educational setting and apply his experience from mainstream skilfully. Alex is an inspiring leader, who gains the confidence of all stake holders and develops the skills and experience of his team. He is open and willing to learn from those around him.

Angela Tempany
Head of Centre at The Priory PRU

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